FRAMELESS ENTRANCES, DOORS SHOWERS || Pintu Frameless dan Pintu Shower


Frameless Entrances & Doors

Frameless glass doors make a great first impression, inviting passersby to enter and giving them a hint of what’s inside. 

A frameless entrance can create huge visual impact whilst maintaining light flow and still being able to incorporate a full locking system. 

The feature of frameless glass lies in their simplicity and elegant design. 

The durability and safety of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm safety glass with the minimum of framing and seals enables the ultimate enclosure with timeless styling.

Sliding Doors

Your home will look bigger and brighter with aluminium sliding doors, available in federation, traditional or contemporary styles for breath taking effect.

By creating sliding walls of glass adds a fresh dimension to your home - making it perfect to view gardens, balconies, pools or entertaining areas.

Synergy Alfresco sliding doors are fitted with adjustable, long lasting single nylon rollers that glide smoothly on extruded aluminium tracks. Protection from wind, rain and dust is provided by interlockers  fitted to the door stile and mullion. These lock together when closed for additional security.
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