Sliding Doors

Your home will look bigger and brighter with aluminium sliding doors, available in federation, traditional or contemporary styles for breath taking effect.

By creating sliding walls of glass adds a fresh dimension to your home - making it perfect to view gardens, balconies, pools or entertaining areas.

Synergy Alfresco sliding doors are fitted with adjustable, long lasting single nylon rollers that glide smoothly on extruded aluminium tracks. Protection from wind, rain and dust is provided by interlockers  fitted to the door stile and mullion. These lock together when closed for additional security.

All glass panels have a visual motif strip for added safety and aluminium sliding doors are fitted with safety "A" grade glass. Trend's sill has been designed for easy wheelchair access.

A variety of glazing options are available to help achieve better energy efficiency ratings and help in energy cost savings. Acoustic ratings are available to high STC ratings.

Optional flyscreens are available.

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